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Skin Disorders

Skin Disorders


Skin is the biggest organ of the human body. Skin, according to Ayurveda, has seven layers. It is located not merely peripherally but extends itself to the deeper levels of the body. For this reason skin diseases have deep rooted causes; therefore its remedies also have to be penetrative. That is, most skin diseases are, rooted deeply into various dhatus or tissues like fat, muscles, blood etc.

Modern skin treatments depend on external applications of creams or oils. They may help symptoms disappear temporarily as they never reach the deeper layers of the skin. Whereas, Ayurvedic treatments are not mere ‘skin deep’, it goes to the roots of the problem. Ayurveda always tries to root out the disease by treating it specifically according to the causes of each disease. Ayurvedic skin treatments may take a few weeks to show up signs of cure, but you can be sure about its permanent solutions.

 Psoriasis, eczema and urticaria are major skin diseases that are seen in Australian residents. They are considered to be caused by outside disruptions, though these external factors do cause some aggravation in pita and vata.

Psoriasis is generally caused by emotional problems poisoning the internal system and thus dirtying the blood, which then manifests in rashes and skin problems on the body’s surface.

By and large Urticaria is caused by allergies, which causes both the external and internal bodies to react in the same way as with psoriasis. In Ayurvedic understanding eczema is caused by a major aggravation in kapha coinciding with slightly more minor unsettlements in vata and pitta.

Ayurveda considers eczema to be a minor form of leprosy and so the factors that cause that will be present to a certain degree within eczema albeit on a much smaller scale.

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Causes of Skin Diseases

Two of the main causes of diseases in Ayurveda are a wrong diet and lifestyle, which an individual follows either knowingly or unknowingly. Following a diet or life style that is against the season or the prakriti (nature) of a person, creates an imbalance in bodily energies, thus contaminating the body tissues to produce a skin disease. Although skin diseases are caused due to imbalances in all the three doshas, the prime dosha involved is pitta. Pitta symbolizes heat or fire. Also with allergies, over exposure to hot conditions, genetic disorders and mental stress and fatigue being the most common.

Excess sugar in the body also is a major cause of skin disorders. The skin cells so affected by the excess sugar, provide an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria, which multiply rapidly using these skin cells.

Ayurveda has classified and documented the “miraculous” properties of medicinal herbs and clays that counteract the excess sugar and other toxins in the body. They combine with the skin cells to inhibit multiplication of the virus. The absence of a breeding ground results in the elimination of the virus.

Remedies for Skin Disease

As stress and other mental fatigues are big factors in the development of skin disease you should do all that you can to avoid them. Simple things like keeping to a regular sleeping pattern can work wonders on this score. Yoga, meditation and other breathing exercises can steady the body and allow you to find a sense of stillness and of being at one with the nature. Removing the root cause is the main line of treatment in Ayurveda. Therefore eliminating all the foods and activities that increase pitta is the main treatment. At Ayurclinic your ayurvedic doctor can advice you a proper toxin (Ama) eliminating diet which suitable for your constitution as well as according to your current imbalances in the diet

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