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Pre & Post Operative Care

Pre & Post Operative Care

Surgery is stressful to our body and mind. Ayurveda , the ancient wisdom of life, provides some guidelines of pre-operative and post-operative care.

Was surgery available in ancient Ayurvedic period?

Certainly. Surgery was chiefly pioneered by Ayurveda. Ayurvedic science has a significant branch called Shalya Chikitsa which deals with Surgery. Sushruta is an ancient surgeon who has written a book called Suśhruta Saṃhitā. The book classifies human surgery into eight categories and elaborates about 300 surgical procedures and 120 surgical instruments. He is called the "father of surgery" and was the first to develop cosmetic plastic surgery.

Does Susruta Samhita deal with pre and post operative care?

Sustruta Samhita has detailed descriptions about anesthesia, pre-operative procedures, operative measures, post-operative procedures, types of bandages, yantras- blunt instruments, shastra - sharp instruments, sutures - stitches and proper use of these instruments etc.

What are pre-operative care necessary for a patient awaiting surgery?

The pre-operative management is called poorva karma. Ayurveda suggests that poorva karma should be done before any surgical procedure. When this pre-operative procedure is carried out, it paves way for the success of the surgery and a complication-free post-operative period. For pre-operative preparation of patient following must be considered -

  • Admission - Patient should stay in hospital for routine investigations and general evaluation.
  • Consent and Counselling - The details of risks involved in the procedure must be explained to the patient and guardian along with the medication to be taken post-operative period. This ancient text also insists on taking a written consent before the surgery!
  • Fasting : Fasting is said to be necessary before surgery. The modern medicine states that the patient shouldn't take anything orally for about 6 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Sedation : A sedation must be given to the patient the previous night to enable a sound sleep free of the anxieties about the surgery.
  • Care of Bowel and Medications: Enema is given to clear the bowel and anti-biotics to remove the germs from the bowel.
  • Investigations : With all the above precautions, the necessary investigations and discussions must be done.

A proper pre-operative care ensures a successful surgery and the fame of the surgeon.

What are the post-operative care that should be followed after the surgery?

According to Ayurvedic texts, the following are the post-operative care taken to patients -

  • After surgery, the wound is cleansed with herbal infusion to avoid excessive bleeding.
  • A medicinal / herbal smoke is given locally to the wound and it is bandaged with a clean white cloth with necessary herbs.
  • It should be opened only after three days.
  • The patient is not given anything orally for about 6-8 hours after surgery
  • He should reside in an auspicious and hygienic house till recovery surrounded by affectionate and pleasant nurses and friends.
  • A wide comfortable bed that allows him free movement and sleep should be provided
  • The patient should keep himself clean .
  • Should avoid excessive eating, daytime sleep, clashes of emotions like anger, envy etc, should not stand, walk.
  • Should protect the wound and avoid dislike of foods, alcohols, sexual activities.
  • To kill the germs and invading infections, some herbs are kept under the cap of the patient.

There are also customized diet plans recommended in Ayurvedic texts.

Why is pre-operative care and post-operative care important?

A patient undergoes surgery in order to live a long and healthy life. A perfect cure cannot be attained just by the act of surgery. To avoid the complications in post -surgical period, pre-operative care is essential. A surgery can be successful only if the initial physical and mental preparations of the patient is perfect.

Post-operative care is ultimately necessary because physically, the patient should be preserved of post-operative risks of infections. After surgery, the patient is exhausted both physically and mentally.

How does Ayurclinic help in recovering?

The doctors in Ayurclinic aim at providing a holistic health to patients and try to reduce the chemical drug interventions as much as possible. The immunity and blood quality is boosted and the herbal help is sought to reduce inflammation, pain, regulating bowel movements and regaining the digestive ability. A specialized diet plan and care gives everyone a stress-free recovery.

Inspite of progress and advancements in medical surgery today, an ancient Ayurvedic text written thousands of years ago is still relevant and the pre & post operative principles are still meeting the requirements of modern standards and stands applicable till date.

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