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Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

Ayurclinic Testimonials and Reviews

Here is a small sample of client Ayurclinic testimonials and reviews from individual people around Australia who have visited Ayurclinic in Melbourne.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalance and deep seeded grief

Rarely does one encounter in their life, a person who truly makes a difference to one’s well-being, to such a degree where there are just not enough words to express just how grateful you are. Dr.Sajimon George is that person to me and since our meeting my whole world has changed for the better, in such a miraculous way. I first met Dr George four months ago and I was a mess. Presenting symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalance and deep seeded grief which began after the stillbirth of my son six years ago. I knew I did not want to continue on this path and felt powerless within a Western medical framework. I discovered yoga last year after an emotional breakdown and through yoga did I first hear about Ayurveda.

I found the Ayurclinic on-line and by listening to my inner voice, made an appointment with Dr George. Our first meeting, not knowing what to expect, saw me instantly trusting this gentle and compassionate man, and within a few minutes into my consultation I agreed to a further two hours with him and experienced my first Abhyanga massage and Shirodhara treatment. My doshas I discovered were chronically imbalanced and our journey began.

Dr George nurtured me over the next few months to a balanced life, he saw me as a unique individual and tailored the treatments for me – his wisdom and professionalism are nothing short of outstanding, to such an extent that I am now studying Ayurveda; knowing I have Dr George as my mentor and a strong desire to continue to live an Ayurvedic life and inspire others.

Warmest regards,

Marie, Melbourne(2011)

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS)i

I was suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome for over a year before I came to Ayurclinic. Before treatment I had whole body aches and lack of energy level was low and used to go up and down daily making my work life difficult to manage.with the diet plan and treatment I saw instant pain relief and started getting better and better now after 2 months of treatment pain has virtually disappeared.

I have more energy and stability in the body.

Thanks to dr george and dr laya I am on path to recovery. I have more energy in body to day to day activities which at one stage looked impossible.I wish I could have come early to Ayurclinic. I found whole experience honest and trustworthy I will recommend Ayurclinc to all my friend and family .

Kapil Pudina ; 7th August 2016

Ulcerative Colitis

Hello Dr George,

You must be thinking where have I disappeared as it has been a long time since I have been touch. I have been feeling perfectly fine with no issues at all and living life as a normal human. The weight has increased a bit, not much which is a GOOD thing.

So, I left taking medication early last month and as discussed went to see a specialist and got the colonoscopy done to see what’s the health of my intestines as I have been taking the medication for a long time now.

The good news is my health is great, the inflammation from most of the intestine has gone and is only left in the lower last section of the large intestine. The doctor was happy with that as well.

So, I have decided that I will keep taking Ayurvedic medication for little more longer and get rid of it completely.

I will make an appointment with u soon and discuss where we can head off from here. I’m still taking that chayawanprash which is getting digested well.

Thank u so much for everything. I will make an appointment and see you soon.


Mrs S.S ; 4th May 2016

Ulcerative Colitis

It was one year ago that I visited Ayur clinic seeking treatment for Ulcerative Colitis. Prior to this, for nearly 2 years, I was on medication and treatment as recommended by my family GP. The first phase of treatment with anti-inflammatory and suppositories seemed to be a quick relief; however as months passed it left me very weak. I spent hours reading everything I could to understand how to cope with Ulcerative Colitis and alternative treatments available. That is when I came across Ayur Clinic’s website.

On my first appointment, Dr. Sajimon was extremely patient throughout the diagnosis and detailed the treatment plan. He prescribed a completely new diet pattern for me, with brief notes on why certain foods need to be avoided and how they were adversely impacting my digestive system. It also included the good-foods for my health condition. The new treatment commenced on the same day, and it was a new way of life for me.

Dr. Sajimon has been thoughtful at every phase of the treatment until time. It took me a couple of months to adjust to the new medicines and eating habits, but the outcome was promising. My body was responding positively and I attained remission within a few months. In addition to this, my appetite improved and I slowly gained weight along with complete recovery from constant headache and nausea. The last 3 routine blood tests showed consistent results; I am no more anaemic; Kidney and Liver functions are back to normal. The results were so remarkable that my GI specialist and GP recommended me to stay on Dr. Sajimon’s treatment. I feel so blessed to have consulted Dr. Sajimon and I am enjoying my life all over again. I am still on medication and will continue until my doctor trusts that I have attained completely stable health.

Dr. Sajimon’s treatment is truly holistic; and a personal approach makes it all the more effective. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sajimon for all that you have done to restore my health. Wishing you all the best.

S.V Menon ; 4th Sept 2014

Crohn’s disease, PCOD

This is a long overdue testimonial.

When I was diagnosed with a mild case of Crohn’s disease I first tried the western medical approach, dietician, acupuncture and naturopath until I was recommended Ayurveda by my yoga instructor. Within a week of seeing Dr George my symptoms eased and I had regained my energy and optimistic outlook. With a combination of herbs, panchakarma treatments and diet I progressively improved to the point where I feel “normal” again.

As a secondary symptom I was also suffering from an unexplained case of amenorrhoea which was later diagnosed as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Once my digestive imbalance had been restored my menstrual cycle gradually made its return. I’m now happy to announce that I am 32 weeks pregnant.

I can’t thank Dr George enough for his help in restoring my health.

Mrs. A.W, 5th February 2014

Anxiety, Panic attacks

I truly believe Dr George saved my life.

After giving birth 4 years ago to my son and having two uterine infections I nearly, what I describe as ‘fainted’ in my bathroom. The feeling was very strange and once I stood up I felt like I was dizzy constantly. I was generally a very healthy and happy person. After visiting numerous GPs and being misdiagnosed with all sorts of things one being postnatal depression which I knew was NOT the case I was put on anti – depressants and then started all the anxiety as I knew there was something else wrong and no one was listening to me.

2 years passed. I had taken myself off the horrible anti – depressants although I was still full of anxiety about the dizziness which was still there 24 hours a day. I was taking valium to calm me down on a regular basis as I was so worried about falling over while walking with the dizzy feeling. I could not sleep as my heart was racing all night with fear something was seriously wrong.

I was scared to go anywhere in case I fell over. I was scared I was going to have a heart attack due to my constant racing heart beat.

After trying a Naturopath, Chinese herbalist, Acupuncture, counselling, searching the internet all day everyday for answers, three MRI’s of the brain, Ct- scan of the brain, x-rays, three trips to the emergency room with an extreme heart rate, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, diagnosed with POTS disease all of which cost me thousands of dollars with absolutely no results I gave up. I was a total mess plus I had my two children to care for I thought I was going to be like this forever.

One day I searched the internet for what was my ‘last time’ and randomly I saw an advertisement for Ayurveda medicine…

I was so skeptical of everything at this stage but my inner self told me I needed to read this. So I did and Dr George seemed like my only hope left. I followed the diet strictly and took all the medicine exactly as Dr George told me too and I can say within a week only I felt such a difference. He changed my life and I am now the woman I was before all of this mess even better. I have had another baby and all went so well I cannot thank you enough Dr George you have saved me from a life of anxiety and who knows where I would have ended up. I get emotional when I think of where I was and how I am now it is truly awesome!! I tell everyone you saved my life and I recommend you to all of my friends. There needs to be more knowledge of Ayurveda as it the most amazing thing in the world. My mum too now is taking the medicine and her life is improving soo much.

Thank you again Dr George for everything you have done for me.

Rhiannan Ngatuere, 3rd October 2013

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Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis of the Liver

Six years ago when I had a squamous cell carcinoma removed, the final blood tests came and it was good news! The carcinoma had been completely removed that was the end of that. The skin specialist asked me how I’d been feeling. Instead of the usual “I’m fine” something prompted me to tell her that I’d actually been feeling awful, tired, muscle and joint pain, very painful night cramps in my legs, blood noses, bleeding gums, and nothing seemed to make a difference.

She looked me in the eye and said “I’m not surprised, you’re very ill, you have hepatitis C and cirrhosis of the liver, you need to go to your GP and get a referral to a specialist TODAY. Take this seriously, don’t delay and don’t expect an easy cure this will take a long time”. Sitting across a desk from the specialist I heard him say, in response to my question about how long before I would need a liver transplant or die from liver failure “five years, but we do have a treatment that has some success”. Into the third month of the treatment called “combination therapy”, which essentially is chemotherapy, I realised that I was completely unprepared for the viciousness of the side effects made worse by the significant reduction of my liver function. It was a nightmare.

I stopped the treatment. The specialist said “I thought you might”, and not much else.

There’s no other treatments available from medical science, although there’s plenty of trials going on in the US, most of which I’m not eligible for as my platelet levels are so low. Dead end.

Enter Dr George.

Over the last four and a half years I’ve been treated with Dr Georges ayurvedic potions and been to India twice for treatment under his supervision. The most recent appointment and all the associated tests needed with my specialist at the Alfred (who was trained at the famous Mayo Clinic in the US) show that my blood tests, apart from the platelets, are as close to normal as someone with hep C and cirrhosis can have.

The medical term is “very well compensated liver disease”. The only treatments of any kind that I have had in the last four and a half years have been ayurvedic treatments and almost all from Dr George. I now have energy, no muscle pain or any of the other symptoms of liver disease, in fact I’m feeling the best I have for many years.

So if you’ve been told by a specialist something you don’t want to accept, or if you’re just sick of going to a GP, given a prescription and back out on the street in ten minutes, go and see Dr George, his treatments improved my condition beyond all expectation and maintains it at level that I can live a relatively normal life indefinitely which is a far call from five years left.

Martin Smith 18th September 2013

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SLE, Pericarditis, Pleurisy

For the last approximately eighteen months I have been receiving Ayurvedic medical treatment from Dr George. I had been suffering from the chronic autoimmune disease, SLE, with bouts of pericarditis and pleurisy and had been on prednisone until about 6 months prior to my first consulting Dr George. I was still taking methotrexate to reduce flare-ups. I suffered from low energy, constipation, bloating and disturbed sleep. I tended to have at least one or two flare-ups per year which necessitated going on higher doses of prednisone and then gradually reducing the dose. As a result of the steroid medication I suffered bone loss to the point of osteoporosis. I used to get break-through symptoms of chest pain and also suffered from painful joints in many parts of the body.

Over the last 18 months my health has steadily improved. I now have a lot more energy and no longer need to have a rest during the day, which was the case previously. The quality of my sleep has improved, I suffer far fewer incidents of disturbed sleep and my digestion has improved greatly with much less bloating. I feel that my system is much more in balance and regular and I no longer suffer from constipation. I have had no flare-ups of the SLE since commencing the Ayurvedic treatment and have far less joint pain and no chest pain at all. Recently my rheumatologist has reduced my dose of methotrexate by half.

Pam. 3rd August 2013

Infertility, IVF Support

Hello Dr George,

Just wanted to share my good news with you that I am pregnant!! 6 months now! Was waiting to finish the important scans and then tell you. I would like to thank you for the endometriosis treatment with Panchakarma and uttarbasti. It was indeed a great help in achieving my pregnancy! I did the IVF cycle in March and it turned out to be successful!!

Thanks again for your support and guidance.

Deepti Melbourne: 30th July 2013

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Sickness of unknown etiology

It is one those incidence when you have tried everything, considered every option and lost much and cannot continue with your suffering; that’s exactly when I miraculously met Dr Saji George. From the very beginning i was sure that I was heading in the right direction and after meeting him; his calm and composed but serious and profound approach towards his patients is enough for that in itself could set you on road to recovery even if he gives you placebo (but he does not actually). He helped me at the time when i required his guidance and assurance the most.

Ayurveda is eternal and natural. According to Ayurveda, “Everything on this planet is a medicine. What is required is the right herb at the right time for the right person”. This is the job of the Ayurvedic practitioner – To identify the ailment correctly by finding the dosha type, and prescribes adjuvant therapies and /or herbs with clear avoidance of certain foods that are not in rhythm with your body and then slowly and steadily progressing towards restoring the person. There is difference between curing and restoring, and Ayurveda not just cures but restores you. Dr George has always kept in touch with me through email, phone or personal consultations.

Finally, he has precisely directed me to undergo extensive treatment in Kerala in India that would include all the therapies, medicine and Panchakarma. If it was not him, I had no hope to get better. To anyone who is struggling with their health issues, have a condition or is not being diagnosed correctly or have lost all hope elsewhere. Then this is the place to find hope again and restore your depleted energies and slowly cure yourself with expert guidance of Dr. George.

All I have to say is thank you very much for all that you did for me.

Ishaan Dutt, Melbourne

26th July 2013

Rheumatoid Arthritis

After 14 years of struggling with crippling pain from rheumatoid arthritis, I discovered the power of Ayurveda under the professional care of Dr. Sajimon George. I am pain-free, sleep well and can exercise regularly. I am eternally grateful that I found a natural approach to manage both my arthritis and my stress. It has changed my life.


Marianne Roux Executive General Manager

17th July 2013


Dear Dr. George,

This is to thank you so much for helping me to feel incredibly better. Although words cannot really express my gratitude. As you know I have been an asthmatic since I was 2 years old (I am now 63). I have been using a corticosteroid preventative inhaler for the last few years and also 2mg Coveram for high blood pressure for a similar length of time.

About three weeks after first seeing you in April my blood pressure was normal and my chest clear! It can really only be described a a miracle!! I was no longer feeling exhausted but still tired. Now, six weeks after first seeing you, I am feeling really great, no longer tired but not energetic yet either. However, after some more time, I’m sure I shall feel 100%, so long as I continue to follow your diet plan. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone.

With much gratitude,


Shannon Irwin (31 May 2013)

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Crohn’s Disease

My wife diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2010 and she was straight away put on Asacol along with other medicines by Gartro Specialist and things were fine for few months and she was in remission but again disease relapse and the same cycle continue for few times and after a lot of research came to the conclusion that Allopathy doesn’t have treatment for Crohn’s and I don’t want her to go under the knife as other Crohn’s patients without any cure So, I started looking for alternative treatment and came across Ayurclinic on the Internet and I’m glad I booked an appointment with Dr. George and since then never looked back. He is awesome with different approach to treating Crohn’s and it is been almost six months now since we saw Dr. George and started our treatment and i tell you what my wife stopped all the medicines prescribed by Gastro and from last five months she is totally under control with no symptoms of Crohn’s what so ever. Thank you so much Dr. George.


Mr. A.K (31 March 2013)

I have been seeing Dr George for a couple of years now after seeking alternatives to western “symptom based” medicine to assist with my Crohn’s disease after many years of illness and a major operation. He has been instrumental in helping me to recover, through treatments & dietary advice, and ultimately rebalance my system. Subsequently I am now healthier than I have been in years, and what’s more it is without use of the western drugs that I know many others use (with mixed results!). I am also Impressed with the fact that he only applies the treatments needed, and does not insist on regular unnecessary visits and medications. I highly recommend Dr George and his services!


Michael Day, 18th December 2012

Stress, General Health

Dear Dr. George,

Thank you for your expertise and guidance over the last 4 months. The changes in my health have been subtle yet profound and I know that the journey of Ayurveda brings great transformation and true health. I have particularly appreciated having a partner in health and hope that we can continue to work together in this way in the future, for the benefit of many.


Warm wishes

Fiona Cairns, 17th December 2012

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I was diagnosed with an inactive thyroid when I was 26 years old(now I am 39). I was told by my GP I would have to take thyroxine for the rest of my life to keep my thyroid active. My main health concerns were hair loss, anxiety and irregular bowel movements other than that I considered myself to be fairly healthy. 6 months ago I fell in love with yoga and came across Ayurveda. I was recommended to Dr George and made a commitment to improve my health and I have not looked back. I followed Dr Georges recommendations of treatments, herbal medications and diet and have never felt better in my life. My hair loss has improved greatly and recent tests have allowed me to half my thyroxine dose. I love having my treatments and feel calmer, happier and healthier and my anxiety has all but disappeared. I have to say that what I considered to be healthy before is nothing compared to how healthy, and happy I feel now. My friends and family all comment on how much I have changed over the last 3 months. I cannot recommend more highly Dr George to anyone who is looking to make a change and improve their health and well being.

Thank you Dr.George.

Anne Mary. Melbourne 5th October 2012


I first came to the Melbourne Ayur Clinic late in 2011 because I had been suffering with chronic prostatitis for over four years without successfully receiving any effective treatment from general practitioners or urologists. Symptoms included constant burning in the groin area, frequent urination, bouts of severe pain in the testicles and premature ejaculation.

Within a month of my first consultation with Dr George, to my amazement, I started to notice a significant improvement in my condition. By following a simple prescribed diet and taking regular doses natural ayurvedic medications I gradually felt a sense of general well being return that also included a vastly improved sex life…

Over a period of six months my condition has improved to the point where I have been able to return to a normal, healthy and pain free life that I have not experienced for many years.

I would highly recommend Dr George and the Melbourne Ayur Clinic to anyone wishing to attain greater health and vitality via natural, effective and non-invasive alternative treatment.

Colin Hopkins- 12th September 2012

Uterine Tumor

Hello Dr. George,

Just a little note to let you know that I had my scan and blood tests last week. I saw my specialist last Friday and the blood test I was so worried about came back normal. That is the test whereby my tumor cells were increasing. They are now normal!! I can only thank you for this as I am sure it is the Ayurvedic medicine that has brought about this result as I had done nothing else different.

I will come and see you again sometime in October as I am going away this month and will only be returning mid-October. I have had no Ayurvedic medicine for a month now as I have run out completely of everything.

Until then,

Thanks and Regards,

Mrs. A .M (22 August 2012)

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Dr. George,

Your treatment of my skin condition vitiligo is turning successful.

For three years I have been trying Western medicine treatments imported in Australia from Canada and United States. Milky white spots had appeared and started spreading on my hands and legs. It was distressing. I decided to have my hands painted with henna, Indian style, so that the white spots were not so obvious. The beautiful young lady while painting them mentioned that she was from Southern India where there was a well-developed Ayurvedic tradition and this condition could be stopped to spread further.

I was very lucky to find you, Dr. George, because by the end of the first month I noticed that the milky white patches started to get a shade darker, I am now into the third month of treatment, you can hardly see them on my hands!!!

I am a very happy patient!!!

Thank you so very much for your care and immense knowledge of this ancient science which you continue to practice with great success.

Pavlinka Georgiev 0411 187 962 18th August 2012

Diverticulitis, Insomnia

Hi Doctor George,

Diet is going well. I’m fine with everything other than the Guluchyadi KSC which I am finding very difficult to drink. I am sleeping better and already my stomach has settled so that’s very encouraging and I am enjoying the food and diet schedule.

Kind regards

Andy, Melbourne (8th August 2012)

Chilblains and Reynaud’s Disease

Testimonial for Dr. Sajimon George

Thanks to Dr. George I have not suffered the severe pain this winter in fingers and toes due to chilblains and Reynaud’s disease. I am enormously grateful to have found Dr. George both for myself and as someone to whom I can refer my friends and Pilates clients. A visit to Dr. George is a calming experience. One leaves feeling reassured.

Heather Novak (1st August 2012)

Skin Condition

Dr. George is very professional, caring and methodical in his approach. After my treatments with him I feel lighter, more balanced and energetic, and my skin looks clearer. I have more confidence and energy to enjoy my life better. Thank you Dr. George!

Ms. Paula, Melbourne (27th July 2012)

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Good Morning Dr George,

Exciting news!!!! I received a positive pregnancy result and have my first scan on Monday. After so many years trying, we still can’t believe it. We should have tried Ayurveda before. It did the trick. Thank you very much!!! I appreciate your help with bringing my health back into balance and I am so pleased with the result. I will follow you recommendations. Could you please advise treatments suitable during pregnancy?

Mrs. D. Swanston, Dandenong (19th July 2012)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Three years ago I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is a very debilitating condition that totally changes your life. The first eighteen months were horrendous; especially for the first six months I couldn’t get off the bed. The last eighteen months, has just being a continual battle, like there is always a brick wall in front of me. The smallest of tasks were just enormous.

I picked up a book relating to Ayurveda treatments, and really liked what I was reading. This was the first time that I fully felt like something was going to help me, plus the treatments sounded so enjoyable, and they were.

I noticed incredible changes after only the second treatment. I have just completed my treatments with Dr George, and “WOW”, I haven’t felt this good for years. Everything has suddenly become so easy for me, the extreme tiredness, energy drain, continual pain, grumpiness, and all the other things that go with this condition have just gone. I am always smiling, calm, patient, laughing; my husband has noticed huge differences in me.I never thought that I would feel this good again.

This is all after only starting treatments 4 weeks ago. Dr George tells me that my body will continually keep improving over the next few months. This is the best thing that I have ever done, health is everything, and mine is now back. I am once again enjoying life…………

Mrs. R.L, Drouin, Gippsland(2011)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I cant thank Dr George enough for improving my quality of life. When I came to Dr George I was suffering from severe bloating, constant cramping and abdominal pain as well as chronic constipation. I was suffering from this problem on a daily basis for 3 years, trying many different approaches to find a relief but nothing would work. I was feeling helpless and had almost resided to the fact that I was not curable. After 2 weeks under Dr George’s guidance, I had significant changes in my original complications.

I have now been seeing Dr George for 2 months and really have felt 100% since seeing him. I have no hesitation in recommending AyurClinic as I have never felt better.

Julia Bussaca, Melbourne(2011)

Family Doctor

Ayurveda is a holistic practise that essentially rebalances your health and energy flows. Dr Sajimon George based at the Ayurclinic has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has been my primary doctor for years. Each time I’ve had an ailment; Dr George has successfully healed it in time. Through his accurate reading of your pulse and analysis of your constitution he is able to assist you whether it hands on massage, herbal remedy or diet recommendations. If in need Dr George becomes available, is quick to respond and is truthful and genuine in his practice.

Paz Faigenbaum, Melbourne(2012)

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Sometime ago I presented to Dr.Sajimon with depression, hot flushes, low energy, and colic pain. I knew I was out of balance. Dr. Saji treated me with Panchakarma treatments, herbs and diet. I committed to the treatment regime which took place over a period of time and regained my good health, clarity and focus: The hot flushes have gone and my mind is clear and focused. I regained my energy, stamina and wellbeing. I recommend Ayurveda medicine for health and wellbeing at any age.

Anne Pepper, Melbourne(2010)

Tennis Elbow

I have been suffering from a condition called Tennis elbow for some years. Initially I was taking some modern medicine adviced by my GP with no response at all. Then he referred me to the specialist. I haven’t got any better from him either. Then I have visited Dr. George as adviced by some of my friends. Dr. George put me on some specific ayurvedic herbs, diet and exercises tailored for my constitutional needs and some wonderful treatments. And now, after six months under his treatment I am absolutely not having any problem with my elbow. Thank you Dr.George for your kindest caring during the treatment period.

Tom, Mildura(2009)

Fistula in Ano

I am very, very thankful to Dr.George who helped me to cure my painful health condition (fistula) which has actually started affecting relationship with my partner. Even though I tried modern medicine for a long time it didn’t make me any good. But the treatment plan adviced by Dr.George which includes herbal medicines, diet adjustments and daily dressing on the wound really worked for me. I would recommend Dr. George and his fantastic healing methods to everyone.

Mrs J.N, NSW(2010)


I would like to share my joy and happiness that Ayurveda brought to me. We (me & my husband) were waiting for a baby since last six years. I couldn’t get pregnant because of a condition called endometriosis. I have gone through a series of treatment courses with modern medicine. We even tried IVF treatment with no result. Then, as adviced by my GP I started taking ayurvedic treatment under the supervision of Dr. George at Ayurclinic. And after seven months of treatment now I am carrying and it is the 27th week of my pregnancy. Thank you very much Dr. George for your support and motivation during our hard days.

Mrs. Sylvia, Epping.(2010)

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Ongoing support

I have been seeing Dr George at Ayurclinic over the last 4 years whenever I have health issues and have got good results in all cases. His prescriptions seemed to be perfect for me always, as it corrects the illnesses in time. Dr George has recommended a lifestyle and diet schedule, suitable for my body constitution and monitored according to imbalances which has helped me live a healthier, more balanced life. I find Ayurveda is fantastic because it treats the root cause of problems. Dr George has a kind, friendly manner and is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. George and his clinic to anyone.

Carla Crocker, QLD (2012)

Psoriasis and Depression

We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

Stephen Covey

Ayurveda – the Science of Life or the Knowledge of Life is a five thousand years old system of natural healing deeply rooted into the ancient Vedic culture of Southern India. I became interested in this ancient healing system many years ago however was unable to find a reputable Ayurvedic practitioner outside India, here in the Southern hemisphere.

Three months ago following a thorough research of various sources I made an appointment to see Dr Sajimon George at his Ayurclinic located in the very heart of the City of Melbourne. Highly experienced and fully qualified Ayurvedic clinical practitioner, Dr George is a graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India. He has been practicing Ayurveda for over 12 years in India and five years here in Australia.

Avid for the Knowledge of Life, he sought out every opportunity to learn from authoritative teachers and experienced Ayurvedic Masters. From the very first session with Dr George, I was very impressed by his friendly demeanour combined with passion, enthusiasm and the desire to popularise Ayurveda in Australia. Needless to say I was equally impressed by his professionalism and knowledge of the ancient healing system. I was even more impressed by Dr George answering my questions first in Sanskrit, the language of instruction of Ayurveda which he studied for over 7 years at university. Dr George then translated them into English. As a result from the first sessions we established the vitally important trust and good rapport between patient and doctor.

And I found myself in a new world. And I knew that Dr George will restore the balance of my body and mind, that he will harmonise the emotional wellbeing and physical healing of a complex contemporary cosmopolitan woman.

Following consultation with Dr George, I underwent the first cycle seven consecutive weekly treatments, including Abhyanga, Thakradhara and Niruha & Anuvasana Basti. I am also taking tablets prescribed by Dr George to keep my psoriasis under control.

It has been a privilege for me to experience the healing powers of this ancient wisdom through the carrying, skilful hands, deep knowledge and love of the ancient Ayurveda, of which he is undoubtedly one of the best professionals.

I am not a fortune teller and I do not have a crystal ball, however I can foresee a very bright future of Dr George in Australia. It is a win-win situation for thousands of people looking forward to restore mind and body balance and live in sink with the laws of Nature. And Dr George will take the opportunity to practice in Australia the Science of Life in which he is such a highly regarded professional.

Thank you, Dr George!

Name undisclosed (2009)

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I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. George whose treatment for Psoriasis was nothing short of amazing!!! Within a week I found an improvement that months of other treatments failed to achieve. I have also found my stress levels greatly reduced. I would highly recommend his holistic approach t0 well being.

Helen Farina, Melbourne (2009)

Bullous Pemphigoid

I had been a patient of Bullous Pemphigoid, a rare immunity system disorder. I had consulted homeopaths as well as a few allopathic doctors (medical doctors) initially. However in the extreme stages of the disease that was later identified by

Dr.Sajimon, an Ayurvedic doctor. I underwent Ayurvedic treatment containing herbal decoctions as well as herbal pastes to relieve extreme pain related to the disease, also for the regeneration of diseased fallen/peeled off skin. The treatment proved very effective, and me as a patient of the afore said disease had lost my epidermal layer and the pain unbearable due to exposed nerve endings never developed any secondary infections as in the normal course by pseudomonas bacteria which is very fatal.

This, I feel is due to the herbal bath adviced by Dr.Sajimon George. This is not only helped to relieve my pain but also prevented all possible external infections along with the proper hygiene and patient care taken by the doctor for the duration lasting almost two months.

To consolidate, I would like to once again stress the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of some of the like rare diseases and also thank Dr. Saji for his almost sincere care during the treatment.

Shobha Nair, India(2004)

Skin Disease

I have been suffering from a genetic skin disorder with symptoms of itching, oozing, swelling and pain all over the body, sleeplessness, loss of energy and irritability. At night I used to jump out of bed with a sudden spasm of sweat and confusion. The skin was getting discoloured and black. I tried some treatment systems with no effect.

Then I started getting Ayurvedic treatment from Dr. George. Within a week I was able to sleep well without itching at night. Itching, oozing, pain and swelling stopped gradually. I am almost back to normal, with the discoloration fading and my skin returning to its original colour. I am ready to share my experiences to anybody and would like to inform everybody that, this is the right place for achieving pure health.

Tim Gomez, Keilor(2007)


Dr. George,

I wish you to thank you so much for your treatment of my psoriasis. I have previously tried western medicines, but found there effect to be short term. My psoriasis was all over the body.

Your treatment worked very well and quickly without any side effects. I am extremely happy with the results.

Thank you again

Ben, Brisbane (2007)

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Abdominal Pain (Gunmam)

‘I had been suffering from a dull abdominal pain of unknown origin since the last ten years. None of the healing systems could find out what the real problem was. And after just one month of Ayurvedic medication and treatment advised by Dr. George now I am feeling nearly got rid of it. Thank you Dr. George for the dosha balancing techniques”

Mark Johnston, Melbourne (2008)


“I highly recommend Dr. George for those who have anxiety, depression and stress related problems. I experienced the magic of Ayurveda. It was really amazing; especially the SHIRODHARA”.

Kumi, Melbourne(2008)


“I have been suffering from psoriasis for some years, and have had conventional medicines which did not have much effect. I have been under ayurvedic treatment under supervision of Dr. George since last five months. I am very impressed with the treatment and my psoriasis is now 80% cured. This has made me very confident and would recommend Dr. George to any one suffering from this ailment.”

Peter Melbourne (May 2007)

Well Being

“I recommend Dr. George for his truly holistic approach to achieve healing of the health condition. He demonstrated more perception than any other health care professional I have encountered. Over a course of seven shirodhara treatment I began to feel better in myself. I have an improved sense of wellbeing and a brighter outlook on life- no mean feat in the context of a chronic illness.

As a bonus, my body has become more supple. It was easier to adjust at my next chiropractic appointment and I have reached new flexibility in my yoga practice.”

P. Stevens, UK (2008)

General Health

Dr Sajimon George is a very talented man and as a loyal and long term client I cannot fault his work, professionalism and service…after more than 5 years, I’ve recommended many friends, colleagues and family to him…his experience and knowledge are evident in everything he does for his clients…reliability and care are his strengths.

Mrs. I.K (2011)

General Health

Ayurclinic, Melbourne offers the best bodywork experience…I’ve been going to Dr Sajimon George for many years and since I discovered his healing abilities I will not go elsewhere…I’m totally relaxed in his hands and the benefits are totally worth the short trip into the city…the clinic is conveniently located, modern and peacefully relaxing.

Mrs. S.T (2011)

Meditation and health

Simply the best ayurvedic treatments I’ve experienced…recommended to me some time ago, I now send others to Ayurclinic for the professional, reliable and caring service…the team have been a major influence in my life; I live, laugh and love with purpose and Direction…I particularly like the meditation advice and techniques…thank you.

Christina, Macedon (2011)

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